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What is Rider Justice? It is a home for motorcycle riders, their families, and their friends. We were founded by Scott O’Sullivan, a Colorado Springs motorcycle lawyer with over 25 years of experience fighting for bikers.

Scott has had a lifelong love affair with motorcycles. (He grew up on a farm in New Jersey, where he tore around the back roads like a demon.) When Scott decided to become a motorcycle lawyer, it was because he wanted to help bikers, who faced very stacked odds in the legal system. (There is a lot of bias against motorcycle riders, as you probably know.)

As he got to know more Colorado motorcycle riders, he realized that he wanted to do a lot more for the community, which has embraced him like a brother. Today, Rider Justice sponsors events, rallies and rides; hosts motorcycle safety training classes; and makes sure that bikers understand the insurance they need.

If you love motorcycles, you will love Rider Justice! And if you’ve been in a Colorado Springs motorcycle accident, Scott can help you fight a system that is stacked against you.

Scott O'Sullivan, Founder of Rider Justice

Call me as soon as possible after an accident

This sounds self-serving, but I sincerely mean it because there are many potential missteps that can wreck your case. Trying to face the insurance companies and hospital shenanigans on your own, when you are likely healing from significant injuries, is not a reasonable thing to expect from yourself or your family. Also, insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying you. You need someone on your side who knows their tricks.

~ Scott O’Sullivan, Motorcycle Lawyer

How Scott Helps Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Victims

Scott O’Sullivan, Colorado Springs motorcycle accident attorney, used to work for the insurance industry, protecting big companies from motorcycle accident claims like yours. When he saw how poorly the insurance companies treated the people they were supposed to help, he switched sides.

With this insider’s knowledge, Scott can help you…

  • Receive the maximum possible from insurance, including fees for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.
  • Reduce your medical bills
  • Repair or replace your bike.

Medical Bills After a Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident

Believe it or not, if Colorado Springs motorcycle collision attorney Scott O’Sullivan handles your motorcycle accident claim, he can help to reduce or even cancel your medical bills. He will work to keep your money in your pocket and keep you out of bankruptcy while your motorcycle accident claim is pending. Then, when your claim is settled, the remaining costs will be covered by your settlement.

Contingency Fee

Scott works on a contingency fee only, meaning that you pay no legal fees unless he is successful in getting compensation for you.

Contact Colorado Springs motorcycle attorney Scott O’Sullivan today. His job is to handle your motorcycle accident settlement while you heal and get your life back together.

“Scott was the only one who looked into my accident enough to fully understand what happened.”

“I don’t want to call Scott a lawyer because he becomes a friend. That’s Scott O’Sullivan and that’s the people who work for him. Everybody at The O’Sullivan Law Firm has the mentality and heart that they’re going to walk you through this and get you through this as easily as possible, as pain-free as possible, and see to it that you are treated fairly, justly.”

— Dennis, Motorcycle Accident

How talking to a motorcycle lawyer helps you

Scott O’Sullivan speaks to injured bikers and their loved ones every day. Often, these people are scared, facing mounting medical bills, and they want to know, “Who will pay my hospital bills after my Colorado Springs motorcycle accident?”
Scott can very quickly help you understand your case and your rights. And this call is entirely free. Also, you will pay nothing for Scott to fight for your rights. Literally nothing will come out of your pocket. Once your case settles, your motorcycle attorney’s fee comes from the settlement.

But why do you need a Colorado Springs motorcycle attorney after an accident?

First of all, bikers aren’t treated fairly by cops and the judicial system. There is a bias against bikers throughout the process. A motorcycle lawyer can also do the following:

  • Take all of the insurance companies’ phone calls off your to-do list. You never have to speak to one of those creeps again.
  • Identify all of the “pots” where you may be able to get money. Often, victims only look to the other guy’s insurance for their settlement, but their own insurance might also be available, with no penalties.
  • Help to reduce your medical bills. (Not all attorneys do this. Scott does.)
  • Help to get your motorcycle fixed or replaced.

Free Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Consultation:

If you’re reading this, you are likely suffering. Either you are a biker who was in a Colorado Springs motorcycle crash, or you are a loved one of someone who was in a motorcycle accident. We are so very sorry. You are living a nightmare and you probably feel completely overwhelmed. But the truth is, we can probably help you in many, many ways. It just takes a phone call to learn all the ways that we can alleviate your stress, and that phone call is entirely free – free of any cost and free of any pressure.

Scott O’Sullivan is the Colorado Springs motorcycle lawyer you need when the absolute worst happens on the road.

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“Being in a motorcycle accident is traumatizing and terrifying. I get calls every day from people who are dealing with life-threatening injuries, on top of medical bills that could send them into financial ruin. It is just too much for one person to deal with. And their loved ones have a lot to manage, too! Suddenly, a normal, simple life is thrown into complete chaos, with doctor’s appointments, insurance company calls, bills piling up. This is exactly why I became an attorney: to help people at their greatest hour of need. I have been to Colorado Springs motorcycle accident victims’ homes where I walk into a home full of fear, and I walk out having provided some comfort, a path forward, and some hope. And I fight like hell for these people because they just didn’t deserve anything they’re facing.”

~Scott O’Sullivan, Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Injured in a Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident?

We Can Help. Just Give Us a Call.

If you are seeking a Colorado Springs motorcycle lawyer, you are probably facing a lot of trauma and fear. You need to find an attorney who will listen first.

Your story is entirely unique, and it’s important that you have a chance to tell it your way. We are here to listen. We can also tell you if your insurance company is being honest (they probably aren’t). We can help you figure out how to pay your medical bills after a motorcycle crash, and we can even negotiate many of those bills to lower amounts.

We can help you in so many ways!

Don’t let another stressful, worry-filled day go by. Contact us today. Call (877) 562-9425

“Honestly, the most help that I got has been from Scott. Him getting us our settlement fast enough. Everything went smoothly. I just put my trust in him and I feel like he made the best decisions for me.”

– Ramon, Motorcycle Accident

Checklist for Colorado Springs Motorcycle Riders

Here is a checklist to help make sure that you’re covered properly. As a Colorado Springs motorcycle rider, at a minimum, you need to have each of the following coverages:

  • Underinsured Motorist (UIM) – Purchase a minimum of $250,000
  • Medical Payments (MedPay) – Get the maximum offered by your insurance company, usually between $5,000 and $25,000
  • Umbrella Policy – If you own your home, you need an underinsured motorists’ umbrella policy for $1 million.
  • Liability – Purchase a minimum of $250,000
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Accessories Coverage – This protects all of the customized accessories on your bike. Be sure to get replacement value coverage.

For a more in-depth description of these types of coverage, read, “What Motorcycle Insurance Do I Need in Colorado?” Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to insurance. Do you own your home? What do you do for a living?

Answers to questions like these can help determine how much insurance you need. Contact Rider Justice and Colorado Springs motorcycle attorney Scott O’Sullivan to determine the best coverage to protect you and your family should the worst happen. Call: (877) 562-9425

We don’t sell insurance. We have just seen too many riders with the wrong insurance coverage and we want to help you make an informed decision.

Top 4 Worst Roads for Motorcycles in Colorado Springs

There are a lot of things to love about Colorado Springs, including the amazing rides just west of town. But the roads in the heart of the city are dangerous for motorcycles. So many of the roads are fronted by businesses, with blind entrances where cars come shooting out. Not to mention all the crazy left-hand turns in front of oncoming traffic. Bikers need to stay alert. Here are the Top 4 Worst Roads for Motorcycles in Colorado Springs.


  1. Academy Boulevard: This snaking Colorado Springs road travels from way up north to way down south and all along the way, bikers face dangers. The business entrance areas are mostly unmarked and blind. The twists and turns mean bikers have to take left-hand turns in some pretty crazy situations. Give yourself a lot of room on this road.
  2. West Cimarron Street: The exchange at Cimarron and I-25 has the distinction of being the most dangerous intersection in Colorado Springs. If you look at a satellite image of the intersection, it’s no wonder so many bikers get hurt here. It’s confusing as hell!
  3. North Powers Boulevard: Colorado Springs commuters and motorcycle riders take North Powers Boulevard every day to get to and from work. It’s busy with soccer moms, Air Force employees, and bikers. Luckily, there are plans underway to make it safer, with quite a few overpasses eliminating some of those scary intersections.
  4. I-25: It’s hard to decide where a biker is more at risk in Colorado Springs: on the insane stop-and-go roads in the heart of town, or on I-25 where speeds and frustrated drivers converge to make for some tricky, risky riding. Make sure to give yourself plenty of room and stick to the rules of the road.

Favorite Colorado Springs Motorcycle Rides and Destinations


Nestled at the base of the impressive Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs is a fantastic starting place for lots of fun, beautiful, twisty motorcycle rides. Here are some of our favorite Colorado Springs Motorcycle Rides and Destinations.

  • Royal Gorge: Head southwest on Highway 115 and enjoy 40 miles of some of the prettiest roads you’ve ever traveled. When you hit Highway 50, turn west for about 20 miles and follow signs to the Royal Gorge, home of America’s highest suspension bridge. This is a breathtaking destination for your summertime motorcycle ride out of Colorado Springs.
  • Great Sand Dunes: Want to go a bit farther? The Great Sand Dunes is a fabulous destination, with a gorgeous ride taking you there. Take I-25 south to US-160 West (near Walsenburg), then wrap around the south end of Blanca Peak. Head north a few more miles, mountains off your right shoulder keeping you company. When you first lay eyes on the dunes, you won’t even believe you’re still in Colorado!
  • Pikes Peak Highway: Encounter some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world as you wind your way through an alpine wonderland, mountain reservoirs, beyond timberline, overtaking the clouds… all along the way to the 14,115 foot summit of America’s most famous mountain.
  • Garden of the Gods: If you don’t have all day for a motorcycle ride, stay close to home and check out the impressive Garden of the Gods. Garden of the Gods Park is a registered National Natural Landmark featuring dramatic views. Admire the 300′ sandstone rock formations against the backdrop of snow-capped Pikes Peak and brilliant blue skies.

Best Biker Bars in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is blessed with an active biker community and logs of great biker bars. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • The Public House: The Public House Tap & Grill serves modern pub favorites and familiar American comfort food to friends and neighbors. They have a full bar with a premium well and 18 beers on tap including several local craft beers. You can count on value pricing, generous portions, and a relaxed atmosphere. By the way.. The Public House Secret Menu is full of outrageous specials, surprises, and favorites that are never advertised. We can’t tell you how to order secret items, but if you look closely enough on their website, you might just find out.
  • The Knucklehead Tavern: Hungry for a steak! They’ve got you covered! $10 for a 10oz steak, baked potato, garden salad with dinner roll! Grill fires up at 5:30! Sandy will have the doors open at 11:30! Happy hour starts at 4!
  • Devil or Angel Bar and Grill: They are a local neighborhood bar. Biker friendly and everyone is welcome. Go down and get some 75-cent wings. There’s barbecue, garlic parmesan, buffalo, teriyaki, sweet chili, mango habanero and lemon pepper. Wash them down with a frosty adult beverage or two.
  • Copperhead Road Bar: A country western bar with a little outlaw. They’ve got two separate dance floors, two live DJs, country in the back and Top 40 in the front. You can find ladies shakin’ their honky tonk along with people boot scootin’ out on the dance floors.
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