As I write this, it’s 9 degrees outside and the roads are icy. Not exactly great riding weather. But it’s also March and that means we are getting closer to those surprisingly beautiful spring days when you wake up, smell the fresh air, and just want to get out and ride!

At Rider Justice, we have spent the winter planning a spring and summer jam-packed with rides, trainings, events, prizes and concerts. It’s still early days, but I wanted to get the main dates published ASAP so that you can mark them on your calendar.

Check out the list and the links below to learn more, then watch the Rider Justice events page for more details as we have them available:

Quick note: I want to make sure you’re prepared for that first spring day when the road beckons. If you turned off your Colorado motorcycle insurance for the winter, now might be a good time to turn it back on. And PLEASE check out the Rider Justice insurance review page before calling your agent. It is imperative that you defend yourself against underinsured drivers, who probably don’t have enough insurance to cover your medical bills after an accident. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call me at: (877) 562-9425