Below is a transcript from the video above where we interviewed Brett, Brady, and Amelia from Go Fast Don’t Die:

Brett: I’m Brett Reilly with Go Fast Don’t Die

Brady: My name is Brady

Amelia: Hi, my name is Amelia Ponce. I’m the community manager here at Go Fast Don’t Die.

Brett: Go Fast Don’t Die is a brand that is about life; it’s about death; it’s about the space in between those two things.

Brady: It’s a brand about perpetuating and contributing to a culture that we really believe in, that we sort of found, we found some roots in, and we saw a lot of sparks, and the brand is a lot about fanning those sparks, turning them into flames, lighting people on fire for the culture and community and lifestyle that we kind of want to exist.

Brett: You know, when we first started this brand, it was a vein to bleed from. It was coming from a time in our lives where we were kind of questioning everything. We had, like kind of this reset, Brady and I, and we pictured our lives, and we kind of reimagined it, and we got the chance to look back and say, like, what is one part of our lives that we love and we cherish, we want to see more of, we want to see grow, and that was motorcycles and the community around that.

Brady: What we find is, when you find something that you want to see more of in the world, you should support that thing. You should pour gas in the flames of that thing, and so our brand is trying to say, “Hey, do you have a little bit of courage? Do you have a little bit of desire for adventure? Do you have whatever that thing is in you? Let’s do it,” and we try to put out messages from experiences that we have on the road, from experiences that we have living that lifestyle by example, because we really believe that it’s not your words, doctored images. There’s a lot of words, there’s a lot of images on the internet that people look at, and they go, well “I’m inspired by for seven minutes until I find the next thing.” But living by example, actually doing the things that you’re telling other people to believe in, and what’s printed on the shirt, you know, this stuff really means a lot to us, and we try to contribute it to a culture and community that inspired us to exist.