Enrique Parrilla, Colorado motorcyclist

Enrique Parrilla

Welcome back to our next Lunch Break Rides special. We hope that you enjoyed the previous ride to beautiful Lookout Mountain and found hidden gems on your way there. This time around we are starting the adventure where we left off, in Golden, CO.

But first, we need to fuel up before we trek through more beautiful Colorado backcountry roads.

Fuel for the road

For this adventure, we will be carving canyons, enjoying the fresh air, and chugging a quick 15 miles as we move Westbound to Historical – Evergreen, CO. This quaint mountain town was established in 1859 and is home to one of our favorite saloons this side of the West called Little Bear Saloon.

HOG’s and mountain towns

Before we get here we have to hop on to Hog Back Rd from Avalanche Harley-Davidson. It’s a scenic road where you will be sandwiched between the foothills and see Red Rocks Amphitheater right before you hit the small mountain town of Morrison, CO onto CO-74 aka Bear Creek Rd. In Morrison, you will find great eats like Morrison Inn and Red Rocks Grill if you want to fuel up before you carve some canyons. However, if you want to wait, we have plenty more to see and eat.

Motorcycle at Little Bear Saloon in Evergreen ColoradoFinding trails on 2 wheels

Even if you need to pull off to the side on this CO-74 road you will find plenty of trails and beauty all around like Lair o’ The Bear Trailhead, for instance, if you end up packing a picnic, this is a great trail to hit. As we keep moving however you will find other great finds like the Blackbird Cafe and Tavern in Kittredge, CO a small cafe that hits all the good caffeine fuels you will need. Once you refresh on that caffeine goodness keep hitting West until you arrive at gorgeous Evergreen, CO.

With plenty of spots to quench your thirst like Revival Brews to Cactus Jack’s Saloon and Grill, you won’t want to miss the historic The Little Bear Saloon in the heart of downtown Evergreen, CO. Once you have a full-throttle heart and tummy head on over to Evergreen Lake, where you fall in love all over again with Colorado. This lake is a favorite spot for many and for good reason, during winter you can come down here and ice skate, you can walk around it and get some of the most scenic backdrops you can ask of Colorado, also a great place to bring your Lunch Break Rides for a picnic.

Until next time friends

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy this installment of Lunch Break Rides and we can’t wait to share many more down the road with you. Also like always, please share your favorite short rides around Colorado.

Until the next city, catch you somewhere on the road and a lunch break.

Enrique is a creative originally born and raised in the Mile High City of Denver, CO but in 2021 he skipped town to the rolling hills of North Carolina for a quieter kind of life. He specializes in visual storytelling and finding a voice for a narrative. With over 15 years experience in the industry, he brings professionalism along with experience to every project.
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