Honda Trail 70 Rebuild for Charity disassembled

Something most people learn upon meeting me is that I have a passion for all things related to adventure vehicles: motorcycles, trucks, everything. I love both classic, restored versions as well as newer vehicles with more advanced, modern features.

Because of this interest, I spend a lot of time researching these vehicles and I spend a lot of time watching video reviews. One of my favorite YouTube channels is TFLTruck (TFL stands for The Fast Lane), where, you guessed it, they do reviews, tow tests, drag races and comparisons on lots and lots of trucks. So, a couple years ago, when TFL developed a spinoff channel called TFLBike, you know I was checking them out immediately.

TFLBike is a content creation team based out of Boulder and they cover “news, views and real-world reviews covering motorcycles, e-bikes and everything else on two (or sometimes three) wheels!” Find them on YouTube and see the build videos below!

2022 Rebuild for Good

All of this background information is so I can share with you a project Rider Justice and TFLBike are doing together: A complete rebuild of a Honda CT70 that will be auctioned off to benefit our favorite local non-profit: BikerDown!

I’ve been talking with the TFLBike team for almost a year to find the right bike to rebuild with the right person to do the work. Luckily, Andy Smith came through for us both in having a Trail 70 on-hand and the skills to do the work. Andy has been riding Honda Trails since they first came out when he was 10 years old and he built his first motor at 12. Suffice it to say, he knows his stuff and is keeping every original part he possibly can.


Not only is the Trail 70 a fun offroad bike, it also makes me extremely nostalgic and reminds me of when I was young and riding dirt bikes everywhere as a kid. Many adults I know – even folks who normally ride big Harley-Davidsons today – remember these from when they were young and this bike makes them smile, too.

As of this writing, TFLBike has released 3 videos documenting our rebuild that you can watch on YouTube. Stay tuned to the Rider Justice channels (Facebook & Instagram) to see when this sporty, vintage bike goes up for auction!