Below is a transcript of the video:

Hi. Scott O’Sullivan here from Rider Justice. I get asked this question all the time. What’s the difference between a personal injury lawyer and a motorcycle lawyer? Well, I’m here to try to explain as best I can after doing motorcycle accidents, motorcycle law, now for over 25 years. The answer is you need a basis in personal injury law, and that takes years of dealing with accidents, helping people with doctors, dealing with medical bills, helping with insurance, and helping with all those things. You need that baseline. You can’t pretend to be a personal injury lawyer. You can’t fake it. You can’t dabble in it. You need to really do it.

You get that baseline in, and then you’re part of the world. If you ride a motorcycle like I do, if you’ve been riding since you were a little kid, you also know the experience that motorcycle riders are going through every single day on the road, and you then also have this deep knowledge and deep background to help them with the right doctors, the right orthopedic surgeons, the right neurologists, the right everybody. So you can really help the family heal and help your rider heal at the same time, and while fighting with the insurance companies, getting them the most that we can get for them that they deserve, and trying to help it all.

It doesn’t just happen. Just because you’re a lawyer, you can’t just pretend to do this other stuff. You have to have the deep knowledge, the background, the understanding, and the fight. All the different insurance companies, I can tell you horror stories of all the ones I like and don’t like. That’s for a whole other thing, but it’s because of years of experience in advocating for motorcycle clients and helping them fight it out to the death with these companies. Because they’re not on your side, and you need somebody who’s got my kind of experience and background to do it.