Case Results

Motorcycle Accident – $2,250,000

Motorcycle accident case results

As with so many motorcycle crashes, Pete’s occurred when a car made a “suicide turn” across his lane of traffic. The car driver made a left-hand turn right in front of Pete, who had no time to hit the brakes.

“I hit him going 45 miles per hour,” remembers Pete, who was tossed from his bike and landed 40 feet away.

For the next six weeks, Pete fought for his life. He had 5 surgeries, including one that lasted nearly 15 hours to rebuild his face. When he was finally discharged from the hospital, his medical bills were over $1,000,000. But Pete only had $100,000 of underinsured motorist coverage (UIM).

Rider Justice had to make sure the other driver could and would pay for everything Pete needed.

Scott O’Sullivan, founder of the O’Sullivan Law Firm and Rider Justice, conducted hours of calls and research into the other driver’s coverage and found that he had outstanding insurance. Rider Justice was able to get Pete a check within nine months, and it was enough to cover all of his hospital bills, pay back late payments on his home, and replace his lost income. We also made sure that it would be enough to cover his future medical costs, which will be significant.

Motorcycle Accident – $1,500,000

Motorcycle accident case results from Rider Justice

Graham was riding the speed limit (20 mph) through a school zone when a truck coming toward him turned left across Graham’s lane. With the truck suddenly blocking his lane, Graham tried to swerve around the back of the truck. If the truck driver had just continued turning, Graham could have just squeaked by the back end of the truck. But the truck driver stopped for absolutely no discernible reason!

Graham hit the truck and was launched off his Harley. In the impact, Graham’s leg was caught between the truck’s rear bumper and quarter panel, ripping his kneecap completely off. And that was just the beginning of his injuries.

Graham was in a coma for two weeks and lost one of his legs. He also ended up with nerve damage and pain that he will endure for the rest of his life.

Graham sought help from Rider Justice and attorney Scott O’Sullivan, who found out that the person who hit Graham had an outstanding insurance policy. Within four months, Scott secured a settlement for Graham. Additionally, Graham had over $700,000 in Medicaid bills. Scott negotiated those bills down to $65,000 so that Graham could keep more of the money, which he will need for future medical costs.

Motorcycle Accident – $900,000

Rider Justice Case Results for Motorcycle Accidents

Sam and Donna, who were married, were riding Sam’s bike on a busy suburban road. Donna was on the back. A driver heading the opposite directing made a left-hand turn in front of them, giving Sam no time to react. The couple slammed into the side of the car and Sam died at the scene. Donna was taken to the hospital with critical, life-threatening injuries.

Because none of the witnesses to the accident were available to police who came to the scene, the District Attorney said he did not have enough evidence to charge the auto driver with anything more than “failure to yield.”

Donna asked Rider Justice for help.

Rider Justice founder, Scott O’Sullivan drove to the scene of the accident and found people at a nearby restaurant who had seen the accident happen. They were regulars at the restaurant and were eager to explain what they saw. Based on their testimony, Scott was able to sue the driver’s insurance company and he got full policy limits for Donna. Sadly, that wasn’t even close to enough to cover Donna’s medical expenses.

So, Scott researched Donna’s own insurance policies and discovered that Sam and Donna had several vehicles with separate policies. He knew that Donna should be able to access that coverage for her own care, but the insurance company was playing games and trying to hide the coverage that was available to her. Scott tenaciously pursued the company and secured $900,000 for Donna. He also got her medical bills reduced to $0 under the Colorado Make-Whole Law.

Motorcycle Accident – $200,000

Motorcycle Accident Case Results by Scott O'Sullivan

Matt was riding his motorcycle eastbound on a big, busy, four-lane road. A driver who was heading westbound turned left to cross all the lanes and crashed right into Matt. He was thrown from his motorcycle, landing on the pavement. He was extremely injured.

Matt sought help from Rider Justice founder Scott O’Sullivan, who discovered that the other driver did not have enough insurance to cover Matt’s medical bills. But Scott got creative. He initiated two claims:

  1. against the driver’s insurance for full policy limits and,
  2. against Matt’s underinsured motorist coverage (UIM).

With this tactic, Scott got Matt full policy limits from both companies, totaling $200,000.