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It isn’t sexy, but it’s critical, especially for motorcycle riders. As much as we talk about it, you’d think we sell it. (We don’t.) Especially when times are tough – like all of 2020 – many riders and drivers start to cut costs, and that results in more people on the road who are woefully underinsured or not insured at all! It’s a recipe for disaster if you find yourself in an accident. The results can impact not only the immediate future, but your whole life moving forward. If you have a family, you need plan for them as well.

In the video below, Scott O’Sullivan, founder of Rider Justice, talks with Tamara (a brand new motorcycle rider) about what the various types of insurance do for you such as Uninsured/Underinsured coverage, MedPay, Liability, and more.

Who we are

Scott O'Sullivan and Rider Justice Motorcycle Lawyer

Rider Justice is a law firm that helps injured motorcycle riders after an accident. Scott O’Sullivan has been helping injured motorcyclists and the riding community since 1998. Scott cares deeply about helping riders and it drives him and his team to fight tirelessly on behalf of their clients.

Not just another motorcycle lawyer

This devotion to bikers goes beyond legal representation. Rider Justice is heavily involved with supporting riding events and the motorcycle lifestyle we all know and love. We sponsor rides, rallies, poker runs, first aid training, and support non-profits like BikerDown.

We offer free services to ensure riders have proper insurance because we’ve seen too many people left at the mercy of the car driver that hit them. In short, we are in deep with the riding community and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Why You Must Cover Yourself

There is no magical pot of money to cover your losses after an accident, even if you were the victim. You have to protect yourself. This means having the right insurance. Read up on what the various types of insurance actually do for you.

Adventure Riders

If you’re a motorcycle rider that craves adventure, there’s a good chance you love the outdoors and overlanding. You probably have a truck or trailer that is packed with all the things you need to enjoy your nature getaway with a little more comfort. Maybe you have a nifty camper? Maybe your trailer carries your motorcycle, a kayak, a power supply and a mini-fridge? It’s important for you to know that insurance works completely different for items you’ve attached to your vehicle (like your motorcycle!) versus your road vehicle on its own.

We’ve done some extensive research to help educate you on how to insure your overlanding equipment. Check it out here.

Overlanding Guide to insurance and motorcycles

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