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Scott O’Sullivan is a personal injury attorney from Colorado who has over 25 years experience helping bikers put their lives back together after they’re injured in a motorcycle accident. He launched Rider Justice as a way to support the riding community. Day-to-day, Scott and his team specialize in helping injured riders fight the system that is stacked against them.

“Most of the calls I receive about motorcycle accidents aren’t from the victims themselves. I’m called by their loved ones. The spouses, parents and even children of people injured in a motorcycle accident call me when they are facing mounting bills, unending calls from insurance companies and, of course, their own fragile emotional state. I have so much empathy for these families because no one ever expects to be put into such a painful situation. It can be completely overwhelming for them. It is my privilege to help the person injured as well as support to the family that has been impacted by tragedy.”

—Scott O’Sullivan, Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

“No one ever expects to be put into such a painful situation.”

Scott was the only one who looked into my accident enough to fully understand what happened.

“I don’t want to call Scott a lawyer because he becomes a friend. That’s Scott O’Sullivan and that’s the people who work for him. Everybody at The O’Sullivan Law Firm has the mentality and heart that they’re going to walk you through this and get you through this as easily as possible, as pain-free as possible, and see to it that you are treated fairly, justly.”

— Dennis, Motorcycle Accident

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We are motorcycle accident lawyers who fight for biker rights day in and day out. In our experience, motorcycle riders are frequently treated unfairly and therefore require aggressive attorneys in order to receive maximum compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle collision, give us a call for a completely free, no-obligation consultation to find out if you have a case. We’re proud to give every single client the care and attention they deserve all while taking the stress of insurance phone calls and hospital bills off your plate. We go to work while your job is to heal.

Rider Justice is the legal team you need when the absolute worst happens on the road.

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