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Rider Justice was founded by Scott O’Sullivan, a Denver motorcycle lawyer who cares deeply about motorcycle riders and the Colorado motorcycle community. From his very first motorcycle crash case in 1998, Scott discovered that this was his vocation – his calling in life: to serve the motorcycle community and injured riders. This community is often stereotyped by the legal system and, therefore, motorcycle riders must fight twice as hard for justice and compensation after a motorcycle crash. Colorado is the birthplace of Rider Justice.

If you have been injured in motorcycle accident in Colorado, Scott and the Rider Justice team will fight like hell to get the money you are owed so that you can heal and move forward.

We Are Part of the Denver Motorcycle Community

How many local motorcycle accident attorneys can claim that they are friends with their former clients, sharing beers at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse on the weekends and hosting expos and motorcycle rallies in the summer?

The answer: Only one. Scott O’Sullivan with Rider Justice. He is the first person that these motorcycle friends call if they have a buddy go down in a motorcycle accident in Colorado. They’ve spent time with him and they know his heart. They trust him. And so can you.

Scott spends weekdays, weeknights and weekends working hand-in-hand with Denver’s motorcycle community. Rider Justice is everywhere riders are and supports events riders love. Like annually sponsoring the Children’s Hospital Toy Run, creating social movements like #2Wheels4Meals during the early days of the pandemic, developing PSAs for motorcycle awareness, supporting biker owned businesses and sponsoring rides and events all year long.

Rider Justice, founded by Denver based motorcycle accident attorney Scott O’Sullivan, is not a marketing machine, like most of those other motorcycle law firms you find. This is a devoted, grassroots group of motorcycle advocates and motorcycle attorneys from a friendly office in Denver, Colorado. We just love motorcycle riders and we know the law. That is a wicked-powerful combination.

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We are motorcycle accident lawyers who fight for biker rights day in and day out. In our experience, motorcycle riders are frequently treated unfairly and therefore require aggressive attorneys in order to receive maximum compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle collision, give us a call for a completely free, no-obligation consultation to find out if you have a case. We’re proud to give every single client the care and attention they deserve all while taking the stress of insurance phone calls and hospital bills off your plate. We go to work while your job is to heal.

Rider Justice is the legal team you need when the absolute worst happens on the road.

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Experience Matters

Scott O'Sullivan, Denver-based motorcycle accident lawyerThe motorcycle attorneys at Rider Justice have been helping injured riders get their lives back together after a motorcycle accident for over 20 years. Colorado motorcycle riders have come to know and trust us because we are devoted to supporting the biker lifestyle and our riding community. When the worst happens, riders know that our motorcycle accident lawyers are driven to seek every avenue possible to maximize compensation for injuries after a collision. You’ll always work directly with a lawyer and you’re never just a number to us.

Scott O’Sullivan is founder of The O’Sullivan Law Firm and he has been supporting the biker community for over 20 years, including helping injured riders, non-profit board leadership, motorcycle event sponsorships and free legal advice to BikerDown. Additionally, over the past few years, Scott has been working with Colorado legislators to pass laws against distracted driving.

Scott founded Rider Justice because he was sick and tired of motorcycle riders being treated unfairly. The final straw was when he received a phone call from a family who called from a funeral home – their son had died in a motorcycle accident. It was immediately clear that the accident was not the rider’s fault, and a classic bias-against-motorcycles case.

Colorado Motorcycle Laws
Helmet: only required for under 18 years of age
Motorcycle Endorsement: required
Gear: Eye protection for riders and passengers
Lane Splitting: Not Allowed

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Colorado and Motorcycles: A Match Made in Heaven

There is a reason people love riding motorcycles in Colorado – it’s a stunning state with wide-open mountain roads and clean air. Get on your motorcycle, get a group together, and ride west on I-70 for some of the most spectacular views in the country. Just 30 minutes outside Denver near Genesee, there is the Buffalo Herd Overlook where Colorado motorcycle riders stop to take in the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountain Range.

Slightly off the beaten path but also just outside Denver, motorcycle riders enjoy Bear Creek Canyon, taking Highway 8 through the funky town of Morrison, up into Idledale, past Lair of the Bear Park, and on into Evergreen. That highway meanders through the canyon alongside Bear Creek and allows motorcycle riders to relish all the things they love most about riding: fresh air, spectacular views, interesting twists and turns, and great destinations. Who doesn’t love the Morrison Inn with its fantastic chips and salsa? Or Cactus Jack’s Saloon & Grill just outside Evergreen. Both places welcome motorcycle riders with open arms.

Then there’s Highway 285, which is often included in magazine stories about the most scenic highways to ride your motorcycle in Colorado. Highway 285 runs from Denver to New Mexico and it offers motorcycle riders a chance to see the Collegiate Peaks, Pikes Peak and dozens of other stunning mountains. Take it far enough, and you’ll travel through Telluride, which is just about the prettiest place on the planet, especially from the seat of a motorcycle.

Be Safe When Riding Your Motorcycle on Colorado Roads

But a word of caution: All of these mountain roads can be dangerous and Colorado weather is notoriously fickle, causing many motorcycle accidents for unsuspecting riders. (Don’t even get us started about the way auto drivers behave on twisty mountain roads. We’ve seen too many riders go down in the Colorado mountains because of high-speed autos.) Whenever you ride your motorcycle in Colorado, you should prepare for just about any weather event, ride defensively, and make sure you wear proper gear.

Please ride Colorado’s roads with joy! But please also ride safely. And if you ever need legal advice after a motorcycle accident in Colorado, please call Rider Justice. We’ll drop everything to help you.

Free Motorcycle Insurance Review

The worst possible time to find out you’re under insured, is after an accident. Before your next ride, call us and we’ll review your insurance with you to make sure you and your loved ones are properly covered. (We don’t sell motorcycle insurance, we just sue them.) Call now: (303) 865-3934

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