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Scott O’Sullivan is a Denver motorcycle accident attorney who has over 25 years of experience helping bikers put their lives back together after being injured in a motorcycle accident. He launched Rider Justice to support the riding community. We invite you to explore this website for upcoming rider events, favorite Denver motorcycle rides and bars, motorcycle insurance advice, and much more. And, of course, call us if you’ve been in a Denver motorcycle accident. Scott and his legal team specialize in helping injured motorcycle riders fight a system that is stacked against them.

How Scott Helps Denver Motorcycle Accident Victims

Scott O’Sullivan, Denver motorcycle accident attorney, used to work for the insurance industry, protecting big companies from motorcycle accident claims like yours. When he saw how poorly the insurance companies treated the people they were supposed to help, he switched sides.

With this insider’s knowledge, Scott can help you…

  • Receive the maximum possible from insurance, including fees for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.
  • Reduce your medical bills
  • Repair or replace your bike.

Medical Bills After a Denver Motorcycle Accident

Believe it or not, if Denver motorcycle collision attorney Scott O’Sullivan handles your motorcycle accident claim, he can help to reduce or even cancel your medical bills. He will work to keep your money in your pocket and keep you out of bankruptcy while your motorcycle accident claim is pending. Then, when your claim is settled, the remaining costs will be covered by your settlement.

Contingency Fee

Scott works on a contingency fee only, meaning that you pay no legal fees unless he is successful in getting compensation for you.

Contact Denver motorcycle attorney Scott O’Sullivan today. His job is to handle your motorcycle accident settlement while you heal and get your life back together.

“Scott was the only one who looked into my accident enough to fully understand what happened.”

“I don’t want to call Scott a lawyer because he becomes a friend. That’s Scott O’Sullivan and that’s the people who work for him. Everybody at The O’Sullivan Law Firm has the mentality and heart that they’re going to walk you through this and get you through this as easily as possible, as pain-free as possible, and see to it that you are treated fairly, justly.”

— Dennis, Motorcycle Accident

Free Denver Motorcycle Accident Consultation:

At The O’Sullivan Law Firm and Rider Justice, we are Denver motorcycle accident lawyers who fight for biker rights day in and day out. In our experience, motorcycle riders in Denver are frequently treated unfairly and therefore require aggressive attorneys in order to receive maximum compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle crash, give us a call for a completely free, no-obligation consultation. We’re proud to give every single client the care and attention they deserve all while taking the stress of insurance phone calls and hospital bills off your plate. We go to work while your job is to heal.

Scott O’Sullivan is the Denver motorcycle lawyer you need when the absolute worst happens on the road.

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Scott O'Sullivan, Founder of Rider Justice

“Most of the calls I receive about Denver motorcycle accidents aren’t from the victims themselves. I’m called by their loved ones. The spouses, parents and even children of people injured in a Denver motorcycle accident call me when they are facing mounting bills, unending calls from insurance companies and, of course, their own fragile emotional state. I have so much empathy for these families because no one ever expects to be put into such a painful situation. It can be completely overwhelming for them. It is my privilege to help the injured motorcycle rider as well as support the family that has been impacted by tragedy.”

—Scott O’Sullivan, Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney

“Honestly, the most help that I got has been from Scott. Him getting us our settlement fast enough. Everything went smoothly. I just put my trust in him and I feel like he made the best decisions for me.”

– Ramon, Motorcycle Accident

Insurance Checklist for Denver Motorcycle Riders

Here is a checklist to help make sure that you’re covered properly. As a Denver motorcycle rider, at a minimum, you need to have each of the following coverages:

  • Underinsured Motorist (UIM) – Purchase a minimum of $250,000
  • Medical Payments (MedPay) – Get the maximum offered by your insurance company, usually between $5,000 and $25,000
  • Umbrella Policy – If you own your home, you need an underinsured motorists’ umbrella policy for $1 million.
  • Liability – Purchase a minimum of $250,000
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Accessories Coverage – This protects all of the customized accessories on your bike. Be sure to get replacement value coverage.

For a more in-depth description of these types of coverage, read, “What Motorcycle Insurance Do I Need in Colorado?” Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to insurance. Do you own your home? What do you do for a living? Answers to questions like these can help determine how much insurance you need. Contact Rider Justice and Denver motorcycle attorney Scott O’Sullivan to determine the best coverage to protect you and your family should the worst happen. Call: (877) 562-9425

We don’t sell insurance. We have just seen too many riders with the wrong insurance coverage and we want to help you make an informed decision.

Free Motorcycle Insurance Review

The worst possible time to find out you’re under insured, is after an accident. Before your next ride, call us and we’ll review your insurance with you to make sure you and your loved ones are properly covered. (We don’t sell motorcycle insurance, we just sue them.)
Call now: (877) 562-9425

Denver Destinations for Motorcyclists

Favorite Denver Motorcycle Rides and Destinations

Some of the best motorcycle roads in the Denver area are the ones that get you OUT of Denver. Check these out:

  • Deer Creek Canyon Road: You like twists? You like turns? You like gorgeous views? Watch this video blog from My Motorcycle Obsession. It says it all!
  • Mount Evans Loop: A perfect day’s ride, the Mount Evans Loop offers some of the best riding in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains combined with interesting waypoints to explore along the way. Offering countless dizzying hairpin turns, switchbacks, and high-speed sweepers, as well as some of the most scenic of the Rocky Mountain views, the Mount Evans Loop is a bucket list route for most motorcycle riders.
  • Lariat Loop: This is a more urban stretch of highway near Denver and it offers much to see in terms of historical and cultural landmarks. In addition to great scenery, there are many museums and great restaurants where you can stop for a bite along the way.

Best Biker Bars in Denver

  • Dirty Dogs Roadhouse: Dirty Dogs is a Rider Justice favorite. We host multiple events each year with the fine folks out at Dirty Dogs. It’s got everything you want: Live music (three stages!), Multiple bars, Heated patio, Great food, Strong cocktails, Quick and friendly service, and lots (LOTS) of other bikers.
  • Piper Inn: For over 50 years the Piper Inn has been a friendly neighborhood bar. Voted by Westword Magazine as “Best Wings in Denver” and written up in Denver’s 5280 Magazine as “One of the top biker places in Denver to stop and take in the sights,” Piper Inn is a must-see for Denver motorcycle riders.
  • Lincoln’s Roadhouse: Voted 5280s Top of the Town Best Dive Bar, Lincoln’s Roadhouse is located in the Washington Park/Platte Park/Denver University neighborhood.
  • Biker Jim’s: Not only is this spot biker-friendly, but the Biker Jim Gourmet Dogs have been named one of America’s top-13 hot dogs of the summer by Bloomberg!

Worst Roads for Motorcycles in Denver

Westword recently came out with their annual story, “Denver’s Most Dangerous Streets: The Top Twenty.” Here are the stats for motorcycle accidents on the worst streets:

  • 14 Motorcycle accidents on Hampden Avenue from 2013-2022
  • 17 Motorcycle accidents on Santa Fe Drive from 2013-2022
  • 18 Motorcycle accidents on Alameda Avenue from 2013-2022
  • 20 Motorcycle accidents on Colorado Boulevard from 2013-2022
  • 21 Motorcycle accidents on Broadway from 2013-2022
  • 23 Motorcycle accidents on Sheridan Boulevard from 2013-2022
  • 41 Motorcycle accidents on Federal Boulevard from 2013-2022
  • 46 Motorcycle accidents on Colfax Avenue from 2013-2022

Injured in a Denver Motorcycle Accident?

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There is absolutely no cost to call and talk about your accident. We talk to people every day who aren’t sure if they have a case, if their insurance company is playing fair, and if they will ever be able to pay for all of their medical bills. We are good listeners. And, very often, we can help. With all of it.

Don’t let another stressful, worry-filled day go by.

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