You can see on my Instagram it’s all guitars and motorcycles, guitars and motorcycles.

Video Transcript:

My name is Nacho Londoño. I’m from Colombia originally, raised in Miami and now I’m here in Atlanta working in the film industry. I don’t know how, but I’m here.

Motorcycles started in my life at a very young age. My dad was a builder. He loved Yamaha’s TT’s, 500’s, so that was like my initiation into motorcycles – was cleaning parts of the bike. It wasn’t even riding. And little by little, I started getting into it. Asking my dad what was that what he was doing and so for my sixth birthday he got me a little 50cc and from then on, I just started riding. Riding with him, riding with my friends and it became part of my every day. It was something that, it was normal for me being around motorcycles.

So, motorcycles for me, I think, it became something, like it’s a partnership. You know, it makes me realize how much I can spend time with myself because I have. You know when you’re riding you don’t have nothing else to think about just the road. Like you know like concentrating that you’re gonna be safe and the most beautiful thing is that when you hit the right place, at the right moment so motorcycles make me really understand a little bit more who I am and I feel that I’m not too awkward – I feel normal when I’m on this thing so it’s definitely part of who I am.

The best things that happened to me in two wheel was, I was getting picked up by my dad at school and right when I was about to like, you know, go to the sidewalk, he did a front wheelie then he picked me up. I got on the bike and he wheelie out so that for me made me the coolest kid in school for my last two years of school.

I don’t know, I think, getting more than one [motorcycle] I always feel that I stay with one bike for too long. But I just feel that um be a little bit more responsible you know I had a couple of good accidents in my youth because I just never listened. And I was anti-helmets for a while and now I can’t ride without a helmet so I always say, like just be careful. You know just always know that the more comfortable you are the more the window of having an accident is bigger because you get too cocky you can never get too cocky on the bike.

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