Is there anything better than riding through the mountains or driving along Colorado’s Front Range on a warm day in early summer? On this cold, February day, imagining hitting the road and visiting some of our favorite towns for motorcyclists sounds like a dream.

Rider Justice started in Colorado, and while we represent injured motorcyclists in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and beyond, Colorado is home. And for motorcyclists, there’s so much to love about this beautiful state.

Here are a few of our favorite Colorado destinations for motorcyclists to visit. Whether it’s beautiful scenery, a fun ride, or a welcoming motorcycle community, you’ll want to check out these three destinations the next time you’re looking for a fun day trip, a weekend motorcycle trip, or if you’re passing through Colorado on your bike.

Golden for Motorcycle Community

Gates to Golden Colorado - a great Colorado town for motorcyclists

Photo by Mikhail Pogosov /

Golden, Colorado is one of our top picks for Colorado towns for motorcyclists. It’s a quick ride from Denver and Boulder, and no matter how you get there you’ll definitely experience some interesting sights. You might see elk grazing along Highway 93 or be entertained by some interesting characters strolling down West Colfax.

We’re a little bit biased, but we believe the best part of Golden isn’t necessarily the Coors Brewery tour or people-watching in downtown Golden (though both of those are pretty fun). No, it’s Dirty Dogs Roadhouse.

We’re proud to partner with Dirty Dogs, both in Colorado and at Sturgis, to serve bikers and their families. Dirty Dogs is a welcoming, fun, and delicious bar and grill that’s created by and for the Front Range motorcycle community.

If you’re coming in from out of town on your bike, the staff and customers at Dirty Dogs will greet you like an old friend. If you visit on a summer weekend you might hear live music from a local biker-friendly band.

Look for the Rider Justice logo on Dirty Dogs shirts and be sure to tell your bartenders and servers that we sent you!


Motorcycling from Sedalia to Palmer Lake

View of Sedalia Colorado - motorcycling

Way back in 2006, Denver’s alternative weekly newspaper, the Westword, named Highway 105 between Sedalia and Palmer Lake the best ride in the metro area. 16 years later, this still holds up. While Sedalia has seen some development the past decade, the highway that runs between the two towns is a beautiful, rolling ride through the foothills, and it’s hard to believe you’re so close to Denver and Colorado Springs.

You can start the day in Sedalia with a breakfast burrito at O’Brien’s Cafe or the Sedalia Bakery, then ride Highway 105 until you reach Highway 83, which will take you to Colorado Springs. Or turn back around and stop for lunch at O’Malley’s in Palmer Lake, where motorcyclists grab a beer or some grub before riding back roads into the foothills, returning to Sedalia, or heading into Castle Rock to check out the outlet mall.

Glenwood Springs for Your Motorcycling Aches and Old West Thrills

Photo by Kristi Blokhin /

On the western side of the state, Glenwood Springs is an appealing tourist destination, both for its scenery and its activities. If you’re going through Colorado on a cross-country road trip, stopping in Glenwood Springs for a day or two is a must, especially if you deal with aches and pains after riding on your motorcycle all day.

The hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs isn’t one of those remote, wilderness hot springs you have to hike twenty miles up a mountain trail to get to (though there’s nothing wrong with that). You can park your bike right at the pool and enjoy a day soaking your tired back and arms in the warm mineral spring that looks and feels like a regular pool, just much warmer.

Glenwood also has some excellent restaurants – including incredible BBQ and nostalgic Italian-American restaurants – and some fun historic bars that make you feel like you’re in the Old West.

There’s also a breathtaking 200-mile motorcycle route from Glenwood Springs to Aspen, which takes you over Independence Pass and through some other quaint and quirky Colorado mountain towns that are worth stopping in.

Honorable Mentions

Cripple Creek, Colorado for its annual veterans’ rally and ride.

Lyons, Colorado for its access to the Indian Peaks Wilderness area, breweries, and more BBQ.

Lake City, Colorado for the Alpine Loop Backcountry Byway – for off-road experienced motorcyclists only.

Check out our Chasing the Ride blog series to read about rides that Rider Justice bikers love. Colorado motorcyclists or bikers who love visiting Colorado: what are your favorite motorcycle-friendly towns, rides, and destinations? Tell us on Facebook or tag us @motorcycleriderjustice on your Instagram photos of your favorite Colorado spots!