I do a lot of talking and writing about my passion for helping bikers after a motorcycle crash. Recently, I realized that I hardly ever talk about my mad skills as a car accident attorney! And honestly, my motorcycle lawyer experience gives me such an advantage over attorneys who rarely handle the complexities associated with motorcycle crashes. That is why, if you – my biker friend – are ever in a car crash, you need to call me!

Motorcycle crashes are often more severe, involving life-altering injuries, complex medical treatments, and tough battles with insurance companies. This makes a motorcycle attorney exceptionally prepared to tackle your car crash case with a depth of understanding and experience.

With over 25 years as a personal injury attorney in Denver, I’ve dealt with the grave challenges faced by both car and motorcycle crash victims. My extensive background in motorcycle law, dealing with devastating injuries and securing substantial settlements, has endowed me with unique skills and insights. These qualities are precisely why you, as a motorcycle rider involved in a car crash, should consider my services.

Expertise in medical treatment after a crash

Expertise in Medical Treatment AFTER an Accident

After a car accident, your primary concern is medical treatment. Leveraging my decades of experience with motorcycle crash victims, I bring an invaluable understanding of complex injuries to your car crash case. I’ll guide you through the healthcare system, ensuring you receive the best care while meticulously documenting and claiming your medical expenses.

Navigating Financial Strains Caused By Car Crashes

After a car crash, your medical bills start showing up in the mail, and yet you haven’t received a settlement. That gap between treatment and payment can be stressful. Cases in Colorado might take years to settle, but as a motorcycle attorney, I’ve mastered the art of assisting victims in managing their finances during this waiting period. I have even found ways to help victims pay their bills while they wait for a settlement. This experience is crucial for car crash victims who need to safeguard their financial health while awaiting settlement.

Battling Auto Insurance Companies

Lawyer Battling Insurance Companies

Negotiating with insurance companies is a skill that I have refined in the intense environment of motorcycle accident cases. This expertise is directly transferable to car crash cases. I am committed to fighting for your rights, holding the other party’s insurance accountable, and maximizing your claims.

When you are trying to heal after a car crash, the last thing you want to do is take contentious calls with insurance companies. Worse, you are vulnerable and they know it! Insurance adjusters will do everything in their power to get you to say or do something to limit how much they have to pay you. Hire a motorcycle attorney for your car crash because I have seen every insurance trick in the book.

Maximizing Compensation For Your Injury Claim

Maximize personal injury compensation

Understanding the full scope of compensation, including medical bills, lost wages, future expenses, and other damages, is vital. My experience with severe motorcycle injuries has sharpened my ability to seek comprehensive compensation packages, reflecting the true impact of your car accident.

Often, attorneys who only handle car crash cases don’t understand all of the resources that may be available to a victim, because they’ve never had to work that hard. I have worked my tail off to find every dime that a motorcycle crash victim needs. And I put those skills to work for every car crash victim I represent.

Long-Term Care and Settlement Negotiations

A critical aspect of any personal injury case is anticipating future care needs. As a motorcycle attorney, I’ve seen the long-term impact of severe injuries. This perspective is invaluable in ensuring that car crash victims don’t settle for less than they need, especially when insurance companies push for a quick settlement.

One of the trickiest things that you need a personal injury attorney to do is to help you understand what you will need in the future. Sometimes it is hard to face the idea that you will need care, such as physical therapy, for several years. In the moment, it doesn’t even seem possible. But a motorcycle attorney, who has seen just about every major crash injury imaginable, has seen the journey that you will be taking. I have helped crash victims understand their long-term needs. This is particularly critical when an insurance company is trying to convince you that your care is complete and that you should take their low-ball settlement offer.

Expertise in Pain and Suffering Assessment

Quantifying pain and suffering, a subjective and varied aspect of personal injury cases, is something I’ve become adept at through years of handling motorcycle accident cases. This expertise is especially beneficial in car crash cases, where evaluating non-economic damages is just as crucial. If you’ve lost time on the job, or if you’re facing PTSD from the crash, I know how to make sure that you are compensated for those losses and future care.

Proven Track Record with Car Crash Settlements

My success in securing significant settlements for both motorcycle and car crash victims in Colorado attests to my ability to handle complex, high-stakes cases. This track record is a compelling reason for you, as a motorcycle rider involved in a car crash, to seek my representation.

As a motorcycle rider in a car crash, you need an attorney who understands the intricacies of both worlds. My experience as a motorcycle attorney offers a unique and beneficial perspective for car crash cases. From medical treatment expertise to insurance negotiations, compensation calculations, and handling severe injuries, I ensure comprehensive support and advocacy for my clients.

If you’ve experienced a car crash, choose an attorney with the experience and track record to deliver the results you deserve. Call today: 877-562-9425