Toyota Tacoma Overlanding in Colorado

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Toyota Tacoma Overlanding in Colorado

Tacoma owners have the best of all overland worlds: the ability to tow and haul like a truck, and the ability to create a comfortable living/sleeping space like an SUV. Whether you have a second-generation, third-generation or older, the Tacoma is an overland favorite because of its versatility and power.

Even if you bought your Toyota Tacoma used with some miles on it, you probably paid a pretty penny. These trucks are popular. And then the real investment began! New suspension, wheels and tires, camper shell, bumpers, sliders, roof rack… Ka-ching! That is exactly why we created this resource page.

Yes, Rider Justice was founded for motorcycle riders, but it has naturally led us to serve the entire overlanding community. We passionately serve people who are wild about their adventure vehicles. And when those rides are totaled in a crash, we are the Colorado personal injury attorneys who get what you’re owed.

What if some other driver hits you on your way to or from your next big adventure? Is your investment covered? Do you need help getting paid what you’re owed? Rider Justice can help.

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We are overlanding accident lawyers who fight for your rights day in and day out. In our experience, people with upgraded Toyota Tacoma trucks require aggressive attorneys in order to receive maximum compensation.

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Meet Scott O’Sullivan

Our founder, personal injury attorney Scott O’Sullivan, is a proud Toyota Tacoma owner. Scott founded Rider Justice to help motorcycle riders after crashes. When Scott needed a truck, he tricked out a Toyota Tacoma that is now known as the “Rider Justice Truck.” Scott’s Tacoma is much more valuable now thanks to all of the gear he attached to it and loads into it. As a lifelong fan of overlanding (we called it “car camping” back in the day), he’s realized that a lot of people haven’t protected their overlanding investments.

Scott speaking at Overland Expo Mountain West

“I’m on a mission to achieve two things: 1) Fight for Tacoma owners who have been hit by another driver, and 2) Make sure Tacoma owners have the right protection for all that gear so they don’t lose it all in an accident. These overland rigs are expensive! I have seen people put tens of thousands of dollars into the gear they mount on their trucks, not to mention all the coolers, drones, kayaks and other things they load up for every adventure. If those people get into an accident, that investment may be lost. I’m here to make sure you get everything you’re owed.”

~Scott O’Sullivan, founder of Rider Justice

What Should I Do After a Tacoma Accident in Colorado?

Rider Justice helps Toyota Tacoma owners who have had their rigs wrecked in a crash with another driver. Maybe you were headed out to your next big adventure and got sideswiped in an intersection as you headed west. Or you were on your way home from a big four-wheeling trip, dirt everywhere, and another driver blew a stop sign, ruining your day… and your truck. We are the personal injury attorneys you want on your side because we understand the value of your rig and your lifestyle.

But what you do in the moments after a Tacoma crash in Colorado can make or break the result of your personal injury case. Here are some tips for things to do at the scene of your crash.

  • Call the police: You need the police report to prove that the other driver was at fault.
  • Take pictures of the scene: Use your cell phone to document the scene. Take pictures of your car, the other driver’s car, the intersection, debris, skid marks… anything that can help tell the story of the other driver’s negligence.
  • Ask for witness statements: Ask witnesses for their names and contact information. We can use their statements to make your case stronger. You can also use your cell phone to get video statements from the witnesses.
  • Seek medical attention: If you are hurt, go to the hospital. Even if you think it’s a “minor tweak.” And don’t walk around telling people you’re fine. We’ve seen too many accident victims ignore minor symptoms on the day of a crash, only to wake up the next day with serious pain. Get care.
  • Give YOUR health insurance to the hospital: Demand that the hospital take your healthcare information. We know it seems like the other driver should be paying your medical bills (and ultimately they might!), but in the interim, you must use your own. We have seen hospital billing departments do some underhanded things when they learn that victims have been in a crash. They will do everything in their power to bill whoever can pay them the most. This is really complicated, but in a nutshell: Just give them your own healthcare and we can fight for proper billing once you sign with us.
  • Don’t post anything on social media: So many cases have been destroyed by social media. Just don’t post anything about your accident. Period.
  • Don’t talk to the other driver’s insurance company – call a personal injury attorney: The insurance companies are not on your side. Even if you never sign up with a Colorado personal injury attorney, at least get some free advice before you talk to anyone. We are and always give a free consultation: (877) 562-9425.

What Protection Do I Need for My Toyota Tacoma Camping and Overlanding Gear?

Toyota Tacoma camping in Colorado is huge! It is not uncommon for Tacoma owners to invest as much or more into their overlanding gear for their truck than in the Toyota Tacoma itself! (It’s like that old Colorado joke about the $5,000 bike strapped to the $2,000 car.) So, while you insured your Toyota Tacoma when you got it, have you thought about how much money you’ve attached to it, or the value of everything you load into that Tacoma every time you head out on an overlanding or camping trip?

Have you thought about how much money you’d lose if someone else hits your Toyota Tacoma? What if that person doesn’t have enough coverage to replace all those toys? Most people in Colorado carry the minimum amount of insurance: $25,000. Some drive illegally with none at all. What would you do if your Toyota Tacoma was crashed, and the vehicle and all that gear was destroyed? (Not to mention if you get hurt.)

We have put together an extensive Q&A for the Colorado overlanding community to help you make sure that all your gear is covered in case of an accident.

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Best Toyota Tacoma Roads in Colorado

  • Lizard Head Pass: Looking for a less technical, but stunning 4-wheel experience? Lizard Head Pass, near Telluride, offers glorious views of the Uncompahgre National Forest and the San Juan mountains.
  • Imogene Pass: If you’re ready for a technical challenge, head to Imogene Pass, located in the heart of the San Juan range. This road has rock tunnels, steep slopes, heart-stopping elevation gains, and lots of road gullies and craters to test your skills. Access the road from Ouray or Telluride.
  • Kelly Flats: Need a road in northern Colorado? Here’s another one for experts, complete with a stretch called “Heart Attack Hill.” This road outside of Fort Collins has caused quite a few rollovers, so bring your big-boy/big-girl pants for this one. Once you’re past the hill, get ready for more challenges with massive boulders, “The Chutes,” and stunning views as a reward.

Camping in a Toyota Tacoma is a special experience, and it requires a lot of planning and investment. Once you have it set up exactly the way you love it, make sure you protect it with insurance. And, if another driver wrecks your rig, call Rider Justice to get what you’re owed. Our personal injury attorneys fight like hell for the overlanding community. Contact Rider Justice today for a free consultation.

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