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We Might Be Able to Get You a Replacement in Colorado (or $$) While It’s Repaired!

Did someone back into your motorcycle? Did you loan your motorcycle to a buddy who then wrecked it? Were you in a fender-bender that damaged your motorcycle but left you still able to ride? We might be able to help you get a replacement motorcycle or even some real cash while your bike is repaired or replaced.

How? If the person who damaged your motorcycle has insurance, they are required to provide you with a rental until your bike is repaired or declared a total loss. The same is true if someone totals your car in a crash that wasn’t your fault. This is called a “loss of use” claim against the other driver’s insurance.

But here’s the real interesting part: If someone damages your car, you are owed around $30 per day for a rental car. But motorcycles are around $200 per day to rent, which can add up quickly. It’s not unusual for insurance companies to take 30 to 60 days to assess motorcycles after a crash, meaning 30 days becomes $6,000 and 60 days becomes $12,000.

Motorcycle on calculator

Case in Point

We recently helped a Colorado biker out after he was hit by a driver. Miraculously, his bike was totaled but he walked away with a few scratches. (OK, it wasn’t a miracle. He had invested in solid gear.) Police impounded the motorcycle for their investigation. When that process was over, they released the bike to the other driver’s insurance company, which declared it a total loss. That process took 45 days.

Meanwhile, our client, the biker, was owed a mode of transportation or the cash to cover his “loss of use.” He called us even though he wasn’t injured in the accident. Normally, personal injury attorneys don’t take cases that don’t involve injuries. We said, “Sure! Let’s check it out!”

In the end, we were able to get $9,000 for this biker. We’ve gotten as much as $14,000 for bikers whose motorcycles are totaled in crashes in Colorado. That’s not chump change!

We also recently helped a biker who had his bike towed from one location to another, and the tow truck operator dropped the motorcycle off the tow truck. We helped the biker file a loss of use claim against the tow truck company’s insurance.

Motorcycle Damaged or Destroyed in Colorado? Give Us a Call.

If you’re in a similar situation – motorcycle damaged by someone else – give us a call to see if you have a good reason to file a claim. We can represent you and help with the property damage claim and a loss of use claim. Our fee will come from the loss of use payment you receive, so you don’t have to pay anything up-front. Also, we will also make sure you get the full value for your bike under the law and, since our fee is on the loss-of-use portion of the claim only, you keep all of the money for replacement of the bike.

If someone else wrecked or damaged your bike, contact Rider Justice today.

While we’re at it, whenever you need to have your motorcycle towed, we highly recommend using  Rider Rescue Motorcycle Towing (call (303) 478-2235) in and around the Denver-metro area. Using a tow company that specializes in motorcycles can save you additional damage. Michael Levy’s service is exclusively for motorcycles and he will help you figure out if your insurance will cover the towing bill.