Dumptruck in Costa Rica with his BMW R18

From the very beginning of our riding experience, one of the things we are made aware of is that we need safety gear. What kind and how much is up to the individual. So, how do we make that choice? What are the factors that determine the safety gear that’s right for you?

When I started out in Colorado, safety gear to me was just a pair of old Levi’s, western boots, maybe a leather jacket and gloves. No helmet. Just pomade. I’m not really sure why that’s the route I chose other than it just felt good riding through the Rockies as comfortable as I ever was. On long trips I added chaps to cut the wind. God I hated those things. My butt looked great in em though. I guess you just can’t have it all… Or can we?

Group of motorcycle riders wearing various safety gear

Is being just as comfortable as any other day, while wearing moto safety gear that makes your butt look cute, a thing? Hell yes it is! These days style and function meet in a multitude of ways for men and women.

When I sit down and start to do my research, a major factor in motorcycle gear is style. So, what kind of riding am I buying for, and how do I wanna look and feel? Since it’s not a costume contest I just wanna look and feel like I do in civilian clothes. For me that’s mostly denim and leather with a full face helmet, as most of my miles are highways and two-lanes. You may not be feeling that. You may wanna have a cleaner look with textile pants and jacket plus helmet. You made need extra padding because you’re gonna race, or go off-road. The options are out there and they’re almost endless. These days I’m in Tobacco Motorwear Co kevlar lined salvage denim riding pants and riding shirt, with a Wasteland Vest, RSD leather gloves, Bell Eliminator helmet, and still western/work boots.

Comfort = Confidence

Motorcycle riders wearing different helmets for safety

The point is to choose what you need plus what you like, not what you think others will think is cool. When you do that you’ll probably look awkward because you went shopping for someone else instead of shopping for you. Just do you. In all things, do you. Being like somebody else is boring, and that position has been filled anyway. When I slap on my riding gear I want to feel like the confident me that I am and I don’t mean the macho me. That guy sucks. I’m talking about the me that is not only self aware, but also aware of who and what is around him. The me that can trust in his machine, his gear, and his skills to take that me to wherever I’m headed. You can’t do that feeling like an asshole in a costume y’all. I’ve done the research.

Where to shop

“Great story Dumptruck, but what brands should I really be looking at and where can I find them?!” What a great question Class! If I were me, and I am, I’d start by meeting the brands and putting your hands on the products. Check out shows like The 1 Moto, Born Free, Mama Tried, Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally, and Four Corners Motorcycle Rally, just to name a few. Keep in mind that when you attend the shows and invest in these passionate brands you’re also actively supporting small business. Ain’t nobody gonna feel bad about that. Shopping smaller means helping those within our tight community, and helping is the best thing to be know for in my book.

Dumptruck wearing motorcycle helmet

My 350 Rule

Just bring your wallet. Because good work ain’t cheap, and cheap work ain’t good. I typically use the $350 rule. Minus gloves, most all safety gear is about $350 per piece. Helmet, jacket, pants, boots, etc. So make sure you’re buying well made items by brands that stand behind their craftsmanship and our community.

Thanks for reading this far down! I hope this entertained, offered some knowledge, or at least made a decent point or two. Wanna read something specifically just hit the dm’s and make a suggestion! It’s been lovely.

Work it out,