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School is back in, weather is changing, the leaves are falling and it’s time for a more insulated helmet as I’m about to jam 2,000+ miles with my friend Enrique from California to home in New Orleans. Since Bell helmets fit me best I went for the Bell Star DLX mips. The modern OG of full face helmets.

Unlike the Eliminator, the Star line of helmets have a multitude of features and is often seen on athletes in several disciplines of racing. One could argue that it is a substantial piece of equipment.

All Bell Star helmets have the same vent and shell designs. Haven’t you heard? It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The Star DLX mips Motorcyle Helmet

There are 3 different versions of this helmet that I’m aware of. Race Star DLX Flex, Race Star LT, & Star DLX mips. Since I’m not against being the 1st looser I chose the helmet without the word Race in it.

Don’t get me wrong, the star DLX is most certainly a race helmet and has been a standard-setting example since the Bell Star’s inception in 1967. The main difference between the two versions of the helmet are the materials the shell is made with and the impact reducing technology inside.

image of rear view Bell Star DLX Mips helmet  - Motorcycle Riding Gear | Colorado lawyer for motorcycle riders
image of Dumptruck riding with Bell Star DLX Mips helmet | Motorcycle Riding Gear Colorado lawyer for motorcycle riders

The Bell Star DLX Mips Helmet Details

Brass tacks: The DLX mips totes a TriMatrix composite shell that reduces weight at a lesser cost than carbon fiber, MIPS energy management that allows for a slight amount of slippage during a crash to reduce energy of impact, a quick drying X-Static liner with silver woven in the fabric to inhibit growth of odor causing bacteria and fungi, and Panovision Class 1 optics. The better to see you with.

Word of advice: If yours doesn’t come with a ProTint shield, get one.- The ProTint visor reacts to the amount of UV light it receives, allowing for a much safer ride and an easier experience altogether rapidly changing the level of tent you’re looking through. No more swapping glasses out. I just slap on my yellows and drop the shield until I’m done.

This modern, lightweight, race helmet ruled on the open road. The weather was most certainly on the cold side for most of the trip, not to mention wet a couple of days, and if I hadn’t had a helmet with a chin curtain and controllable vents I would’ve been in an unhappy place.

Compared to my Eliminator this is a much tighter and closer fit. Definitely feeling the racing pedigree in that aspect.

Bottom line, this is a top-notch helmet that feels like a top-notch helmet. It’s a fast feeling, light weight, extremely functional, sexy ass piece of art. You’re absolutely getting what you pay for here.

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