Dumptruck wearing his Bell Eliminator Helmet

I’ve been riding 25,000 to 35,000 miles Per year on average for the last 12 years. Over that span of time and stretches of road I’ve worn serious miles on Bell, Simpson, Icon, Hedon, and Biltwell helmets to name a few. I feel like I have a pretty solid grasp on what works for me and the way I choose to live moto life. Figured it might be helpful information to share.

Let’s start with the Bell Eliminator Carbon. When this helmet first came out I saw the images and I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it in person but I was curious and wanted to find out. Once I got my hands on one I started to understand what the buzz was all about. I’ve been wearing in eliminator for the better part of two years now and I’ve never really talked about it which is weird because it’s turned into my very favorite daily riding helmet out of all of the helmets I’ve ever worn.

As a motorcycle rider who lives in the south, temperatures are typically on the warmer side so a light weight helmet that breathes well and won’t let the bugs in is what you’re looking for. Other factors are wind noise, bluetooth communication compatibility, materials, optics, and does it even fit the shape of your head properly.

Dumptruck with Bell Eliminator Helmet with Sena

The 6k carbon fiber reduces the weight and looks dope AF.

The unique style the Eliminator brings is a head turner amongst motorcycle helmet wearers. It has this sense of familiarity to it that once you get your hands on it you’re instantly intrigued. When you slide it on you get a great comfortable, breathable, well-fitting helmet that makes you feel safe but not overburdened in gear at the same time. It has an anti-bacterial liner so you don’t have to clean it much allowing for liner life and not smelling like ass after a few weeks on the road. If you wear glasses like me you’ll be happy to know that this helmet is made to receive frames with ease. The window is pretty large and the ProVision shield is super clear with a bunch of color/tint options available. The 6k carbon fiber reduces the weight and looks dope AF.

People often ask about the static vents and if I get wet in the rain. I also wondered about the non-closing vents, especially the forehead holes. Well, the rain eventually found me, I got wet, and I dried off. Not a drop of water in the helmet. And it was deep South can’t see anything in front of you sorta rain. Not a drizzle. Other than the simplistic shield hardware, it’s basically perfect for me almost all year long.

All details aside, I really love this helmet. It’s the #1 all around lid of choice for me right now. It’s not claustrophobic, has speaker pockets for my Sena, and isn’t deafening during the ride. I just like the way it rides and how I look. What else is there?

Dumptruck is an online personality, voice over professional, emcee, and motorcycle enthusiast. Read more about his adventures on the road here and on his website, ispeakgood.com.