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Winter is here and it’s sticking around for a few months. Are you ready? Do you need help with gear?  Let us give you a quick guide to some of our favorite riding winter gear.

Safety first and always

First and foremost, safety is crucial for chilly, snowy rides. Here in Colorado, we are fortunate to have almost year around riding, but once you go up in elevation, it’s a totally different beast. So, we want you to suit up with the proper gear for short route commutes in hopes it prepares you for long-distance riding, too.

It all starts with a base

Let’s start at the base of the layers – thermals. These should always be worn in low temperatures. It’s basic but so essential. You can find many types of thermals that will fit your needs. Heck, even Walmart carries decent thermals that won’t break your wallet. You can, however, find thermals for riding that are heated, and let me tell you, they are worth the extra bit to keep those bits warm. Revzilla carries a wide selection online and onsite as well, and I am sure they can find the right fit for you.

Protective Riding Pants
ATWYLD motorcycle riding pants with Dyneema | Motorcycle Riding Gear | Colorado lawyer for motorcycle riders

Next up: riding pants or something comparable to them. Yes, we definitely want you to have padded and/or kevlar/Dyneema lined pants. For something heavy that will block off the air, heavy denim is great. If you want to spend some change and get some amazing year around-riding pants, we can recommend the following folks.

For the lady riders, we want to recommend ATWYLD. This is a woman-owned business who are also riders, so they will get the right fit for you. They have quite the selection of pants to choose from including durable Dyneema padded pants that also look amazing as daily wear.

For the gentleman riders out there, at the very least, you should have heavy denim. Otherwise, if you’d like to get great pair of riding jeans that look great too, we recommend the following brands. The folks from Red Cloud Collective make great work pants but specifically, they have the GN.01 Fitted Work Pant made out of Dyneema. They also make the same fit work pant for ladies in Dyneema. Another brand with a great reputation is the folks at Tobacco Motorwear.  They specialize in well-fitted clothing and their riding gear is lined with Kevlar.

Leathers for Everyone

Of course, to fill out your layers you’ll need a warm jacket and we highly recommend getting leather. There are plenty of choices out there to get the right leather jacket, but we encourage you to get something that is lined and leather that isn’t perforated. After all, you don’t want the cold air to seep into the warmth.

For the ladies, the gals from ATWYLD offer hands down some of the best-fitted leather jackets for women. Men, you have various options as well from RSD, to Harley-Davidson’s Cycle King Jacket. One of our favorite companies out there called Venegasi Moto makes custom-fitted jackets for men and women alike. The best part about that is that the fit will always be like a glove right off the bat and it will only get better over time as they break in. Needless to say, your options for leather jackets are abundant.

Can’t Forget about the Piggies

Gloves and boots are just as important. You can find great gloves through mostly everyone mentioned above, but we advise you to get something that is lined and also not perforated as the wind will creep into your hands. Many experienced riders will also recommend heated gloves for really cold rides.

For boots, you have great options again, get something that is lined but if you want to have boots that will look great year around – Red Wing Heritage is the way to go.

Red Wing Heritage Motorcycle Riding boots | Motorcycle Riding Gear Colorado lawyer for motorcycle riders
Full Face Helmets

Lastly, the most important part of any season for riding is keeping the noodle safe and sound: a full-face helmet. This goes without saying of course, but if you keep your face away from the cold wind your chance of not freezing increases. Also, it makes for good practice to always have your face protected year round.

With many helmet options in the wild, seek out helmets that are not only rated DOT but also ECE and SNELL. Even though DOT helmets are ok, the extra ratings make the helmets that much more safe in the worst-case scenarios. Fogging up can be an issue with this time of year, and thankfully most brands do offer fogless visors and/or a protective film that can be purchased for the visor shield. Definitely get this if it’s an option.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative during the winter season to pay extra attention to the road. You have black ice in just about every corner, sand scattered everywhere and cars have to drive slower, so that means you do as well. Always keep an eye on the weather and gear up warm with our recommendations above. Remember safety is always your number one priority no matter the riding season. See ya’ll on the road.

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