Whether it’s a quick lunch break to get your favorite burrito or just an excuse to take your 2 wheels for a spin. Follow along with our new Lunch Break Rides series and get in on the fun roads, eats, and adventures with us.

A fast way to up the altitude

This first ride we’d love for you to come along with us a favorite for many in Denver for lots reasons but also it’s one of the quickest elevation hikes you can do during a lunch break. Of course, we are talking about beautiful Lookout Mountain. With a quick elevation ascent to 7,379, you can get the freshest air a mile high above and then some with this ride.

Happy accidents

We start the ride from Sloans Lake and here is a fun fact, legend has it that this lake was made accidentally by a homesteader Thomas Sloan when he struck an aquifer while digging an irrigation well and the land was flooded. Whoops. Now it’s fondly loved by all Denverites and visitors alike.

Colorado view with motorcycle on Lookout Mountain
Let’s get this show on the road

From Sloans Lake we hop on 32nd and head towards the mountains, Westbound. You’ll enjoy less traffic on this route, as opposed to taking 38th or 6th Ave. and it’s a quieter ride altogether, towards Golden, CO. Once you’ve reach scenic Golden, CO you will find plenty of food and drink locations. We recommend going through Washington St. to find the most options. A few of our favorites to get a bite are Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza, Old Capital Grill & Smokehouse and if you want to quench your thirst, we recommend the local brewery with great draft drinks: Mountain Toad Brewing. And of course the ever so famous Ace Hi Tavern.

Switchbacks and then some

Once you’ve gotten your fill, make your way from Washington St. to 19th St. and keep going West until you reach Lookout Mountain Rd. This is where the fun starts as you take a number of switchback curvy roads as you ascend the mountain to overlook the Denver skyline and as far as your eyes can see East of Denver. Truly one of the best views from up Lookout Mountain. Not to mention, you have the West view where you can see nature work its magic as it carves and chisels the rock through the canyons.

Fast and less furious

Definitely one of the best and quickest motorcycle rides you can enjoy during a Lunch Break Ride. With plenty to see and do, you’ll find this ride to be one of your favorites in your arsenal of moto rides in Denver.

Stay tuned for more of these Lunch Break Rides that we’ll be sharing with you and don’t forget to let us know your favorites. We are always opened to try new routes during our lunch breaks. Until then, we hope to see you on the roads.

Until the next city, catch you somewhere on the road over a lunch break.

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