Support our veterans - collection of American Flags

It is no secret that many of our military veterans are in crisis, often unable to get the physical and mental healthcare they need from their government, the support they need in their communities, and sometimes even the jobs they need to establish and raise families.

Rider Justice is committed to our nation’s servicemen and women and we understand that motorcycle riding can provide a recognized therapeutic experience and strong community for our country’s freedom fighters.

Toward that end, Rider Justice is a proud to supporter of Freedom Fest, an annual event that raises awareness and money for our country’s military veterans. Specifically, the event works to fight the suicide epidemic that plagues the heroes who fight for our freedom.

Dean Gary, a Colorado real estate broker who is passionate about helping military veterans, founded Freedom Fest and he often provides much of the event’s financial backing as well as good old-fashioned elbow grease to stage this annual event. Typically, Dean brings in nationally recognized bands and strives to create an overwhelming feeling of appreciation and safety for the vets.

“The highlight for me is seeing our heroes look around them and feel the respect, honor and love that we have for them,” says Dean. “I love that it is a safe place for veterans to go and know it’s about them.”

Freedom Fest is staged in partnership with the American Soldier Network, an organization that supports veterans as they tackle the psychological and emotional battles associated with post-service living.

Rider Justice is proud to support Freedom Fest and our nation’s military veterans.