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You meet the nicest people on a Honda.

So the saying goes, but honestly, you meet the nicest people on all 2 wheels. Through my journey of riding motorcycles of all kinds, I have met a lot of solid friends and some of the most interesting stories they tell.

Sure I can do a quick top 5 influencers in the wild, but that’s not what I intend to do here. I am more interested in the stories the following folks tell rather than what they do in the social media world.

2 Wheelers MC - photo of Arlin Fatland and Donna Maupin

First I’d like to start with a couple of legends from my home state of Colorado. They’ve been around crafting, molding, and creating a culture that chopper kids idolize. I am talking of course of Arlin Fatland and Donna Maupin of 2 Wheelers MC.

For over 50 years Arlin has been creating and selling parts for choppers, setting to what we now know as the classic choppers. Arlin is part mad scientist, part eccentric artist, and 100% motorcycle lover. Of course, we cannot talk about 2 Wheelers MC without talking about the beautiful Donna Maupin, Arlin’s better half. A native of Florida as a leather smith making kool leather gear for the chopper scene in the early days, she then moved to Colorado with Arlin and has been helping him build this wonderful chopper empire also knowns as the “Biker Candy Store”. If you are around Denver, CO, and want to step into a chopper time capsule, please pay them a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Sean Gallagher, No School Choppers

Sean Gallagher is no stranger to the motorcycle chopper world. He’s been at it for decades now and if you’ve seen a chopper in the wild, more than likely they have one of Sean’s tail lights or brackets. Before the motorcycle world, he was a heavy hitter in the custom car and truck world before he went all-in for choppers, and let me tell ya – he has some beautiful Panheads. I’d go as far as saying that Sean, is a Panhead connoisseur of sorts, and with his keen eye for them, he sure knows how to build them well.  Follow his page and buy his parts, you won’t regret it.

Dan Townsend aka Asian Dan

I’m sure you already know Mr. Dan Townsend aka @asian_dan.  He’s one of those enigmatic and history buffs you’ll get to know. Oh and he’s a bit of a foodie as well. My time with him goes back a few years ago when we first met through a very special friend of ours, Becca.  Since then we have become great friends and shared many motorcycle rides and hangs.

These are just a few of the wonderful folks I’ve met through motorcycles and reasons why you should follow along their journey. Other notable individuals I’d like to share with you are the following and worth a follow:

Tony Prust @analogmotorcycles
Venegasi Moto @venegasi_moto
ATWYLD @atwyld
Madsquirrel Company @madsquirrelcompany

Overall, look at these motorcycle Instagram accounts, not as a top 3 or 5 or whatever, but as genuinely great folks with great stories. You won’t regret following their adventures.

Enrique Parrilla

Enrique Parrilla

Enrique is a creative originally born and raised in the Mile High City of Denver, CO but in 2021 he skipped town to the rolling hills of North Carolina for a quieter kind of life. He specializes in visual storytelling and finding a voice for a narrative. With over 15 years experience in the industry, he brings professionalism along with experience to every project.
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