Traveling Chopper: Charlie Weisel's 2003 Harley-Davidson Softail Chopper

When you mix a long chopper with a heavily tattooed guy, you would be remiss not to think of a world-traveled man and one of the sweetest individuals around. Of course, I am talking about Charlie Weisel aka @travelingchopper, and a fitting name to that.

Charlie Weisel the Traveling Chopper

A Man and his Steel Steed

Every adventure begins with one step, in this case, on a 10-foot 4-inch long chopper that started as a 2003 Harley-Davidson Softail. With over 245,000 miles and counting,18 countries and 48 states under his belt, you can say he’s well versed in 2-wheel travel. Many have argued with him about the practicality or comforts of traveling on a hardtail chopper around the world, and to that, he will kindly disagree. After all, he’s going to have a quarter of a million miles on this HOG and no one can argue with that unless you’ve put in the work.

A Man on a Mission

We all have ambitions and goals, but Charlie has come through on his. An electrician by trade and owning his own business, Charlie decided to put his money into the real-estate business and retired – leaving him time to travel and make that his mission. Along with his beautiful wife Kayla Koeune (a very talented artist), they have a traveling blog that you should check out at @roadsareforjourneys. Be smart about your time and money and you too, can travel the world – heck even on a long chopper.

Charlie Weisel, the Traveling Chopper, on his motorcycle on the beach

Current Adventure on Two-wheels

Cold weather you say? Yea, it’s called winter, but our friend Charlie takes no issue riding during it. You dress for the slide, not the ride, so they say. Or in this case, heated gear can make it possible for experienced riders. As of today, he’s been on the road over three months now, and started his journey in Colorado. He has since made his way to the Pacific Ocean and to the Atlantic Ocean, coast to coast. Heck, he even made it to Mexico for good measure.

What’s Next for the Traveling Chopper?

As I am writing this, Charlie is probably in a hotel in Miami, FL while his long chopper is being flown across the pond to Amsterdam as he continues this journey in Europe for the next 3 months. He has some very awesome plans while in Europe and despite some of the current effects around the world, he’s going to make due for the best adventure he can.

I know I’ll be tuned in to his adventures across the pond and I highly suggest you tune in as well. Imagine traveling for a year on 2-wheels on a long chopper and seeing it through Charlie’s perspective. How amazing does that sound, huh? I can’t wait to see it all unfold. Also, make sure to sign up for their Roads Are For Journeys to see behind the scenes and full blog access to the adventures.

Enrique Parrilla

Enrique Parrilla

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